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Listen and talk!

Sometimes we know how to wirte all the irregular verbs in english, how to use the paste perfect, simple and the future, but, do you know how to comunicate all what you want? This unit will show you how important communication is, maybe more than the correct use of the grammar. You will have to forget your embarassment, we are going to talk about songs, singers and about oursleve.

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Secuencia didáctica

  • 1

    Take it easy!

    Some times we are scared when we have to talk in english. We are going to listen what it says. Don't panic, english is easy, and I'm sure you know more than you think. Listen to the song and answer the questions, but remember, take it easy!

  • 2

    Types of listenings

    Watch the video and answer? How many types of listening do they say? Wich one do you use the most? After that, listen to the message and answer the questions.

  • 3


    Now, pay attention! We are going to listen some stories after that answer the questions about them.

  • 4

    My biography

    Imagine we are in 2080, and we have to write a biography about ourselve. Follow the guide we provide you and do your biography and present it to your classmates. Use your imagination and make your live as you want it.

  • 5

    The interview

    We are going to listen how an interview is. Listen all the audios and answer the questions. After that you will have to prepare an interview with your classmate. You can be whoever you want: a singer, football player, model, nobel prize...

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    Let's talk about them.

    In small groups you are going to choose one singer and one song of the website we provide you. What is the song about? After analyzing the song preaper a presentation about the biography of the singer. How? with power point, prezi... How long? between 5 to 10 min. But there's no limitation. Once you have you will have to present it to your colleagues. Here you have websites that can help you with it. The teacher will be recording the presentations.


  • To listen and understand songs.
  • To know how many types of listening there are.
  • To understand oral native english.
  • To be able to talk about something we preaper in advance.

Criterios de evaluación

  • He can understand the meaning of a song.
  • He knows the different types of listenings.
  • He can understand an english oral message.
  • He can preaper and do a presentation in english.

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